Melvin Bell, Cypress, Texas (arrested Feb 2013)

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    Melvin Bell, 49 (Born Sept 27 1963), security guard for Cypress Woods High School, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, Cypress, Texas, "accused of groping student"

    Harris County Arrests: Melvin Bell

    ABC Local KTRK: Cy-Fair ISD security guard accused of groping student (Mar 1 2013)

    Melvin Bell, 49, had worked for Cy-Fair ISD for seven years. Students say most, if not all, of those years were spent at Cypress Woods High School. The alleged victim says he was often overly friendly with students but with her she says, he definitely went too far.


    She says she was sitting in her car two Fridays ago when the longtime school security guard hopped in. She quickly became uncomfortable. "And the things he was saying are not something a man his age should say to an 18-year-old," the teen said. She says he kept on and while she told him to leave; she also didn't want to be disrespectful because of his position. "To an 18-year-old, that's a police officer," she said. ut when he finally got out, it got worse. She says he walked to her window and groped her. "I asked him to stop, many times. I moved his hands away. There were many times where I even hit his hands away from me," she said.

    Melvin Bell, Cypress, Texas, Cypress Woods High School, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
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    Houston Chronicle: Cy-Fair security guard accused of groping student (Mar 1 2013)

    An 18-year-old at Cypress Woods High School told police she was in her car Feb. 15 when Bell suddenly opened the door and sat in the passenger seat without her permission. According to court documents, Bell pulled out his cell phone and began showing the student photographs of a woman he called his "weekend girlfriend." The woman was naked and posed in a "provocative manner," according to the criminal complaint filed against Bell. The student told police Bell took her cell phone and began looking through her contacts. He also sent himself three photographs of her that he found on the device. The student said she asked Bell to leave in a "respectful manner" but he refused. Bell was dressed as a school security guard at the time.
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    KHOU: Cy- Fair ISD security officer accused of molesting high school student on campus (Mar 1 2013)

    A security guard at Cypress Woods High School in the Cy-Fair ISD has been charged with having an improper relationship with a student after allegedly making sexual advances toward an 18-year-old female student in the school parking lot. Prosecutors, who filed a felony charge against Melvin Bell, Sr. on February 26, say the school security guard approached the female student on February 15 and opened her car door and sat down in the passenger seat of her car. According to court documents, Bell showed the girl pictures of a naked woman on his phone then grabbed her cell phone so he could send pictures of the female student to himself. The girl told Cy-Fair ISD police that the security guard then walked around to the driver side door, fondled her breasts, placed his finger between her cleavage and said he was “going to miss my twins.”
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    Cypress Creek Mirror: Cy-Woods security guard charged with inappropriate student relations (Mar 2 2013)

    According to court documents, the high school senior was sitting in her car in the school parking lot on Feb. 15, when Bell allegedly got in and started talking to her and showing her naked pictures of his “weekend girlfriend.” He then took three photos of her with her phone and sent them to his phone, so they could have each other’s numbers, records show. He also suggested they hang out over the weekend, the girl told police. The student asked him to leave several times, but did not want to be disrespectful, because she believed him to be a police officer, court documents show. When Bell finally got out of her car, the girl told police he walked to the driver side and asked her if she was wearing a push-up bra and then groped her several times, documents state. "I asked him to stop, many times. I moved his hands away. There were many times where I even hit his hands away from me," the student told KTRK.