Louis Michael Rau, Beal City, Michigan (arrested Mar 2015) [inappropriate texts & gifts]

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    Louis Michael Rau, 46, varsity football coach at Beal City Junior / Senior High School, Beal City Public Schools, Beal City, Michigan, "accosting a child for immoral purposes, distributing sexually explicit materials to a child and providing alcohol to a minor"

    Football coach sent explicit photos, sex toys to underage players at Michigan school district: police

    A former football coach was arrested for sending sex toys and explicit pictures to the players at his Michigan school district over four years, police said. Louis Michael Rau, 46, was arrested Friday after sending the items to five underage boys — one as young as 13 — between 2011 and 2015, according to the Isabella County Sheriff's Office. The Beal City Schools coach sent each victim between one and 70 photos, and at least one picture "showed that it came from Rau," according to court documents obtained by the Morning Sun.

    Two victims received sex toys, including an eighth-grader who got a "toy described as a vagina with a tube," police said. Rau admitted to giving another boy two sex toys and "a few photos," police said. The ex-coach also confirmed he bought alcohol for three of the boys on four occasions, police said.

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    Louis Michael Rau, Beal City Junior / Senior High School, Beal City Public Schools, Beal City, Michigan
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    Former Beal City football coach Lou Rau faces 12 criminal charges

    In all, five victims, all boys, are listed in court records. All five have been on the Beal City football roster at one time. All five said Rau sent them explicit photos, with the number of images varying from one to 70 depending on the victim, according to court documents, which indicate, “The photo showed that it came from Rau,” for several of the images.

    One of the victims was a 13-year-old in seventh grade when he began receiving explicit images from Rau, while the others were all under 18, according to court records. In addition to sexually explicit photos, Rau also gave two of the victims sex toys. One victim was in eighth grade when he received a “toy described as a vagina with a tube,” from Rau. Rau told police he gave another victim two sex toys and sent him “a few photos,” according to court records.

    Additionally, court records indicate Rau bought alcohol for three of the victims on four different occasions, noting that text messages, and Rau’s own admission confirmed the purchases.

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    Beal City varsity football coach faces sex charges

    Beal City’s varsity football coach was arrested Friday and charged with three counts associated with inappropriate behavior with players on his team. According to published reports, Louis Michael Rau, 46, was arraigned Friday on charges of accosting a child for immoral purposes, distributing sexually explicit materials to a child and furnishing or selling alcohol to a minor.