Guilty! Lisa M. LaVoie, Holyoke, Massachusetts (arrested Feb 2009, arrested again Mar 2012)

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    Name: Lisa M. LaVoie, Holyoke, Massachusetts

    Age: 24

    School: Maurice A. Donahue Elementary School [Holyoke Public Schools], Holyoke, Massachusetts

    Position: 8th-grade teacher

    Victim: Boy, 15

    Details of original 2009 arrest & conviction:

    New England Cable News (23 Feb 2009): Search underway for missing teacher and student

    Mass Live (24 Feb 2009): Missing teen, Holyoke teacher Lisa Lavoie found in W.Va. motel

    New York Daily News (24 Feb 2009): Teacher Lisa Lavoie caught in West Va. with 15-year-old student; improper relationship alleged

    The Inquisitr (24 Feb 2009): Lisa Lavoie, Teacher, Accused of Running Away with Teen Student [MUGSHOT + VIDEO]

    The Original Greenwich Diva (24 Feb 2009): Teacher Lisa Lavoie pleaded not guilty to enticing her 15-year-old male student

    Post Chronicle (26 Feb 2009): Missing Lisa Lavoie Photo: Teacher & Student Found In Morgantown Motel

    The Mount Holyoke News (5 Mar 2009): Local teacher arrested for kidnapping a student

    Boston Globe (6 Mar 2009): Prosecutor says Holyoke teacher took boy to four states

    Das Bild (16 Mar 2009): Schoolteacher kidnaps teen lover (15) and goes on the run

    Boston Herald (1 July 2009): Ex-Holyoke teacher pleads not guilty to child rape

    The Holyoke Sun (2 July 2009): Lisa Lavoie arraigned in superior court

    Mass Live (19 Sept 2010): Lisa Lavoie, former Holyoke teacher accused of running off with student, may opt for plea instead of trial

    NBC 4i (15 Dec 2010): Ex-Mass. Teacher Pleads Guilty To Statutory Rape

    Mass Live (15 Dec 2010): Former Holyoke teacher Lisa Lavoie pleads guilty to statutory rape charge involving student

    Enterprise News (16 Dec 2010): Former teacher accused of statutory rape returning to court

    WWLP (7 Jan 2011): Ex-teacher Lisa Lavoie arrested again

    Mass Live (7 Jan 2011): Ludlow police arrest former Holyoke teacher Lisa Lavoie on warrant for violating conditions of her release pending sentencing on statutory rape charges

    Boston Herald (26 Jan 2011): Ex-Holyoke teacher who ran off with student gets probation

    WLTX (27 Jan 2011): Teacher Admits to Having Sex with 15-year-old Student

    Lisa M. LaVoie, Holyoke, Massachusetts, Maurice A. Donahue Elementary School, Holyoke Public Schools
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    Rearrested in March, 2012:

    Mass Live (12 Mar 2012): Former Holyoke teacher Lisa Lavoie charged with violation of probation when former student victim of statutory rape found hiding in her closet

    CBS 3 Springfield (12 Mar 2012): Former Holyoke teacher back in court, student allegedly in closet

    New England Cable News (12 Mar 2012): Teacher who had relationship with student charged again

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    WGGB (12 Mar 2012): Former Holyoke Teacher Accused of Violating Probation after Former Student Found Hiding in Closet

    WWLP (12 Mar 2012): Lavoie's alleged victim found hiding in closet

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    UK Daily Mail (13 Mar 2012): Teacher who had sex with student, 15, is rearrested... after he was found hiding in her closet

    Boston Globe (3 Mar 2012): Teacher held on probation violation in sex case

    WCVB TV 5 Boston (3 Mar 2012): Ex-Teacher Charged After Boy Found In Closet

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    Scallywag and Vagabond: Teacher re arrested after her previously sexually violated 15 year old victim is found hiding in her closet (March 13 2012)

    Nevertheless she pleaded guilty to statutory rape and was assigned a 5 year probation in 2011, but that it seems wasn’t enough for the former teacher whom taught at Holyoke middle school, West Virginia, where she first met the boy when she decided to tempt fate by re-igniting liasons with the boy whom she was told to stay away from as part of her probation. Her defense attorney argues that the boy had simply turned up at her apartment claiming he had no where to stay. Her attorney has offered that the ex teacher’s drinking problems had made her susceptible to the boy, of course what may also be worth considering is the power aggrandizement that the ex teacher was almost quite aware of as she chose to allow the boy to enter her home. Also contestable is whether the ex teacher prodded the boy to reignite their liason or that he voluntarily turned up un announced at Lavoie’s house when the probation officer discovered him by chance.
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    Job Mouse: Teacher Who Had Sex with Male Student, 15, Rearrested After He Was Found Hiding in Her Closet (March 13 2012)

    A former teacher who was previously convicted of having sex with a 15-year-old male student in 2009 has been arrested – again – after the teen victim was found hiding in her closet. Lisa Lavoie, 26, was caught after a probation officer made an unannounced visit to her home. The probation officer discovered the victim, now 18, hiding in Lavoie’s closet, reported
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    Google News Alerts (June 1 2012):

    Mass. teacher who had sex with student jailed
    Daily Comet
    AP SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - A former Holyoke middle school teacher on probation ... Lisa Lavoie (luh-VOY') was sent to jail Wednesday by a judge who ignored the ...
    Mass. teacher who had sex with student jailed
    SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) -- A former Holyoke middle school teacher on ... Lisa Lavoie was sent to jail Wednesday by a judge who ignored the pleas of the now ...