Laura Lee Kelly, Mesa, Arizona (arrested Aug 2012) [child abuse]

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    Name: Laura Lee Kelly, Mesa, Arizona

    Age: 43

    School: Whitman Elementary School , Mesa, Arizona (Mesa Public Schools)

    Position: Instructional Assistant

    Victim: Daughter, 6 Laura Lee Kelly

    KTAR: Woman with 'sex rage' arrested in Mesa (Aug 30 2012)

    A Mesa mom faces child abuse charges after leaving her daughter in a park with strangers in order to satisfy her "sexual urges." Witnesses told police 43-year-old Laura Lee Kelly left her 6-year-old daughter alone with transients for more than four hours on Tuesday. The witness also claimed the girl had no water and no escape from the heat, as many people floating through the park took turns watching her.

    Court documents said Kelly bought beer for the transients and later asked them to babysit the girl while "she went to make money." She later told the officer she had sex with one man and performed oral sex on another. She revealed to the officer she "felt a manic sexual rage inside of her which she cannot control and needed to have sex."

    ABC 15: PD: Mesa mom unable to control her 'manic sexual rage' leaves child in park for hours (Aug 30 2012)

    According to court documents, witnesses told police officers on Tuesday that 43-year-old Laura Lee Kelly left her child with two transients more than four hours in the afternoon heat without water at Evergreen Park off Country Club Drive near University Drive. "We were in the park because we're always in the park, and we were drinkning beer and she came up and said can you watch my kid? Four hours later we still have the kid," said Ronald Baker, who claims he took care of Kelly's girl with Maureen Wilson. "We didn't even know her," said Wilson. "Mr. Baker here walked across the street and got her gummy worms and gummy bears and said, 'Where's your Mom?' The owner of the store said, 'I think she's prostituting in front of my store,' so we had to watch the baby."

    East Valley Tribune: Updated: Mesa mom with 'sex rage' leaves her child at park (Aug 30 2012)

    Police officers wrote that Kelly admitted to leaving her child and told them, "She came to the park and bought beers for some random strangers whom she later asked to watch her 6-year-old daughter while she went to make money." Court papers also show Kelly told officers, "She had sex with one male and performed oral sex on another." When officers first approached Kelly she was sitting in a grassy area with a male. He told officers Kelly was "coming and going all afternoon and even asked him if he 'wanted to (expletive)'" ... According to the documents, "she felt a manic sexual rage inside of her which she cannot control and needed to have sex."

    Laura Lee Kelly, Mesa, Arizona, Whitman Elementary School, Mesa Public Schools
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    UK Daily Mail: Teaching assistant 'gave homeless men beer for babysitting her six-year-old daughter so she could satisfy manic sexual rage' (Aug 31 2012)

    A teaching assistant was arrested on Tuesday after leaving her six-year-old daughter with a group of homeless people so that she could allegedly go and satisfy her 'manic sexual rage', by prostituting herself. Laura Lee Kelly left the young girl with the strangers, in Evergreen Park, Mesa, Arizona. She asked them to babysit and handed them beers in return for their trouble, Fox News reported. Kelly then went and had sex with two men, allegedly in exchange for cash. Abandoned by her mother with no water or cover from the heat the toddler was rescued four hours later after a concerned passerby called police.
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    Imperfect Parent: Mother in ‘manic sexual rage’ bribes homeless strangers with beer to babysit her child (Sept 1 2012)

    43-year-old Laura Lee Kelly allegedly left her 6-year-old daughter in the care of strangers she had never met before so that she could have sex. The shocking incident occurred in Mesa, Arizona, on Tuesday. Kelly left her child at Evergreen Park off Country Club Drive near University Drive with two transient strangers for more than four hours. She did not leave the child any water despite the high temperature that afternoon.
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    AZ Family: Mom who left child with strangers at Mesa park gets 30 days in jail (Dec 11 2012)

    A woman who was arrested after leaving her daughter with homeless strangers at a Mesa park was sentenced Tuesday to 30 days in jail. A judge also sentenced Laurie Lee Kelly, 43, to four years of supervised probation with domestic violence terms. The strangers spent hours playing with the 6-year-old girl in Evergreen Park at Country Club Drive and Fifth Street while her mother sold her body outside a nearby liquor store in late August, according to police.
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    My Fox Phoenix: Mother accused of abandonment gets 30 days in jail (Dec 11 2012)

    The Mesa Public Schools teacher's assistant [Laurie Lee Kelly] was expected to make a plea deal, but decided to change her plea to guilty to one count of child abuse. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 4 years supervised probation with domestic violence terms.