Guilty! Jennifer Bauer Bennett, Wheeling, West Virginia (arrested May 2012)

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    Name: Jennifer Bauer Bennett, Wheeling, West Virginia

    Age: 34

    School: Wheeling Middle School [Ohio County Schools], Wheeling, West Virginia

    Position: Reading & language arts teacher (has taught grades 6, 7, 8; had been victim's 7th grade teacher according to WTOV)

    Victim: Boy, 15+

    Charleston Gazette (23 May 2012): Police: Wheeling teacher texted explicit photos to teen

    Daily Journal (23 May 2012): Former W.Va. middle school teacher charged with texting sexually photos to teen student

    12 WBOY (23 May 2012): Cops: W.Va. teacher texted explicit photos to teen

    WTOV 9 (23 May 2012): Former Wheeling Middle School teacher accused of sending sexually explicit photos to student

    Jennifer Bauer Bennett, Wheeling, West Virginia, Wheeling Middle School, Ohio County Schools
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    Wheeling News-Register (24 May 2012): Former Teacher Arrested

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    WTOV 9: Former teacher faces judge in court (Apr 24 2013)

    Former Wheeling Middle School teacher Jennifer Bennett was scheduled to plead guilty to one count of possession of material depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit materials, but after an hour-long discussion between both parties and the judge, Bennett withdrew her plea and decided to reconsider.
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    Wheeling News-Register: Ex-Teacher Headed to Prison For Porn Charge (June 29 2013)

    Judge James Mazzone deviated from the joint recommendation of the defense and prosecution Friday in sentencing former teacher Jennifer Bennett to one year in prison and one year of supervised release for having nude cell phone photos of a former student. Bennett, 36, of Wheeling, pleaded guilty in Ohio County Circuit Court on May 17 to a single count of possession of child pornography. Mazzone also ordered the mother of two to register as a sex offender for life and undergo counseling as a term of her sentence.