Harry Taylor, Duxbury, Massachusetts (suspended Sept 2014) [inappropriate physical contact]

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    Harry Taylor, physical education teacher & assistant football coach at Duxbury High School, Duxbury Public Schools, Duxbury, Massachusetts, "inappropriate physical contact" with two students

    Duxbury: Physical education teacher charged with inappropriate conduct

    State investigators are looking into allegations that a Duxbury physical education teacher may have had inappropriate physical contact with two students ... The chairman of the Duxbury school committee said the alleged incident was not sexual in nature.

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    Harry Taylor, Duxbury High School, Duxbury Public Schools, Duxbury, Massachusetts
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    Duxbury High looks into school encounter

    Duxbury Police Chief Matthew Clancy said the school received a report of the alleged confrontation early last week. Clancy did not elaborate on the exact substance of the complaint, except to say it referred to what “could have been a physical confrontation of some sort” but the alleged confrontation was not sexual in nature. Duxbury police offered to assist the school in their investigation. But school officials declined, Clancy said, saying they would look into it on their own. Cayenne Isaksen, spokeswoman for the Department of Children and Families, said the department received a Chapter 51A report regarding the incident, ...

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    Assistant Duxbury High School football coach suspended: Harry Taylor accused of inappropriate physical contact

    A Duxbury teacher is on paid leave after two students accused him of inappropriate physical contact, the school committee said. Harry Taylor, a physical education teacher, is also an assistant football coach at Duxbury High School. The school committee chair said the alleged incident involving Taylor happened last week in the school and that other students witnessed what happened. He said the allegations are not sexual in nature. Independent state investigators were brought in look into the allegations, the school committee chair said.

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    Name no longer appears on DHS website for teachers and as an assistant football coach! Not sure if fired or he resigned-very hush hush about outcome of investigation in Duxbury!
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    When teachers are on paid leave under these circumstances, they usually don't appear on the web sites. I wouldn't read anything else into that.
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    His name was on the website until yesterday! How long would this investigation take??? It started on 9/10!!!
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    Coach "T" was terminated as a teacher and coach from the DPS!