Gilberto Huerta, Greenwood, Arkansas (arrested Feb 2014) [suspicious / harassing behavior]

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    Gilberto Huerta, 52, Spanish teacher at Greenwood Junior High School, Greenwood School District, Greenwood, Arkansas, "suspicion of harassment"

    5 News: Greenwood Teacher Resigns Amid Investigation (Feb 19 2014)

    Greenwood Schools Superintendent John Ciesla tells 5NEWS that junior high teacher Gilberto Huerta has resigned amid a police investigation. Greenwood Police Chief Will Dawson said a police report was filed Wednesday (Feb. 19), but did not say if a complaint was filed by the school district or a parent. Dawson said he could not release details about the complaint because it is still under investigation.

    Gilberto Huerta, Greenwood, Arkansas, Greenwood Junior High School, Greenwood School District
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    Times Record: Greenwood Teacher Resigns In Wake Of Police Investigation (Feb 20 2014)

    On Thursday, Greenwood Superintendent John Ciesla said he cannot comment about the situation other than the district’s prepared statement. The emailed statement reads: “The Greenwood School District received a resignation from Junior High Spanish teacher Gilberto Huerta on Feb. 19, 2014. Due to the fact that this is a personnel matter and there is an open investigation with the Greenwood Police Department, the district can make no further comment at this time.”

    Greenwood Police Chief Will Dawson said an investigation was opened Wednesday regarding a Greenwood teacher following receipt of a filed complaint. He did not specify who filed the complaint.
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    5 News: Greenwood Teacher Accused Of Biting Student Turns Himself In (Feb 21 2014)

    An arrest warrant states Greenwood Junior High teacher Gilberto Huerta, 52, bit a female student’s ear during class late last year and told her, “I’m going to eat you.” When the teacher walked back to his desk, he allegedly said, “Next time, I’m going to put salsa on it.” ... The alleged victim told police the incident happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. The girl said two other students sitting at her table witnessed the situation, according to the warrant.


    The girl said another incident a few weeks ago made her feel uncomfortable. Huerta was teaching the word “under” to the class and crawled under her table, also occupied by two other female students. When the teacher emerged, he allegedly said, “Don’t worry, I kept my eyes closed the entire time.”
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    THV 11: Teacher accused of biting student's ear (Feb 21 2014)

    A former Greenwood teacher [Gilberto Huerta] is facing harassment charges after allegedly biting a student's ear in class ... Police chief Will Dawson said this isn't the first time they've received a complaint about this teacher. "Accompanying that allegation there was another incident they reported where he allegedly crawled underneath a table that was full of girls and allegedly made the comment 'don't worry I had my eyes closed,'" said Dawson. Huerta said he never made physical contact with any student, but he did admit to saying some of the things.
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    40/29 TV: Former Spanish teacher accused of harassing student (Feb 22 2014)

    Greenwood Chief of Police Will Dawson said the warrant was issued after an eighth-grade girl and her mother spoke to investigators earlier in the week. "The victim alleges that Huerta said, 'I’m going to eat you.' At some point, he allegedly bit her on the ear,” Dawson said. But that was not all the student said happened. "Gilberto made another comment after that along the lines of, 'Next time, I’m going to put salsa on it,'" Dawson said.

    The student told police that was not the only time Huerta had made her feel uncomfortable. "The victim alleges he crawled underneath the table where the three girls were sitting and was trying to illustrate under in Spanish," Dawson said. "He then crawled back up and allegedly he said, 'Don’t worry, I had my eyes closed.'"