Danny Shane Akers, Trumann, Arkansas (arrested Feb 2013)

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    Danny Shane Akers (Harrisburg, Arkansas), 39,teacher at Trumann Intermediate School, Trumann Public Schools, Trumann, Arkansas, "charged with Sexual Assault 1st Degree" [not yet clear if his alleged victim was a child/student or not]

    Democrat Tribune: Former Trumann Teacher Arrested (Feb 14 2013)

    Danny Shane Akers, 39, of Harrisburg, was arrested by Trumann Police Department Feb. 12, 2013. According to court records Akers has been charged with Sexual Assault 1st Degree. Akers was a teacher at Trumann Intermediate School until abruptly resigning last year.

    Danny Shane Akers, Trumann, Arkansas, Harrisburg, Trumann Intermediate School, Trumann Public Schools
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    He was convicted of 1st degree sexual assault and 4th degree sexual assault.

    The victim was a student at the school at the time of the crime and he was a teacher.

    He recieved 25 years in prison and a 25,000 fine.