Guilty! Cynthia Mae Hartopp, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (arrested June 2013)

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    Cynthia Mae Hartopp (147 N. Ninth St., Apt. 3, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania), 28, art teacher at East Stroudsburg North High School, East Stroudsburg Area School District, Dingman's Ferry, Pennsylvania, "charges of institutional sexual assault, corruption of minors and unlawful contact with minor"

    WFMZ: Hartopp accused of having sexual contact with high school student (June 5 2013)

    Cynthia Mae Hartopp was having an inappropriate relationship with a 10th grader at East Stroudsburg North High School, according to police reports. Hartopp, an art teacher at the school, was the boy's teacher last year, but she didn't have him in class this year. Hartopp gave the boy her cell phone number and they exchanged texts, and in one conversation he said she asked if he was a virgin. The two got together several times at her apartment and engaged in kissing and fondling, police said.

    Cynthia Mae Hartopp, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, East Stroudsburg North High School, East Stroudsburg Area School District, Dingman's Ferry
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    PA Home Page: Teacher Charged In Sex Crime Case (June 5 2013)

    State Police say the teacher [Cynthia Mae Hartopp] and the student kissed and touched each other on at least five separate occasions. They did not have intercourse but the boy believed that they would eventually. Officials found out about the alleged behavior in April. An anonymous caller tipped of the school principal. He called police. Investigators discovered Hartopp met the boy last year when he was in her ninth grade art class in the Pike County school. They continued a friendship into this year. She was his Art Club Advisor and apparently tutored him in other subjects. The boy reportedly spent a lot of time in her classroom when he was supposed to be in scheduled classes.
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    WNEP: UPDATE: Teacher Charged With Sex Crimes Against Boy (June 5 2013)

    State police say the investigation started in April when the principal of East Stroudsburg North High School received an anonymous tip. A caller said a teacher was having an inappropriate relationship with one of her 16-year-old students. Troopers say they believe that teacher is Hartopp. She taught the student last year. But this year, Hartopp had the student in her after-school art club and also helped him with his biology school work. Police say in February, Hartopp gave the student her cell phone number and the two would call and text each other. The teacher asked the student if he was a virgin then explained that she broke up with her boyfriend and then asked the student if he wanted to hang out. According to court papers, the sex crimes took place inside the apartment where Hartopp lives. Police say the teacher would pick up the student and then bring him back to the apartment.
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    Times Tribune: Police: East Stroudsburg High School teacher sexually assaulted student (June 6 2013)

    State Police at Blooming Grove interviewed the 16-year-old student on April 11 and April 26, and learned he was a previous student of Ms. Hartopp and kept in contact because she helped him with course work from another class ... The first time at her apartment, they ate, watched television and played on the computer. In the subsequent five or six visits, they kissed while he touched, and attempted to touch, her body. The 16-year-old told police he wanted to have sex with her and believed it was going to happen. Police said the student recalled one text message where she asked if he was a virgin. When police interviewed Ms. Hartopp on April 24, she admitted the student had been to her apartment on numerous occasions.
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    Pocono Record
    Ex-art teacher sentenced to state prison
    Cynthia Hartopp, 29, taught at ES North; she pleaded guilty to inappropriate relations with 2 students
    By Andrew Scott
    Pocono Record Writer
    February 26, 2014 12:00 AM
    Former teacher Cynthia Hartopp was sentenced to state prison on Tuesday after pleading guility to having inappropriate relations with two students.
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    Thanks for the heads up!
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    2nd article ...

    WNEP: Former Teacher Sentenced For Inappropriate Relationships With Students (Feb 25 2014)

    Cynthia Hartopp ... pleaded guilty to corruption of minors and one other charge. She will now spend 15 to 48 months behind bars. Last year, the former teacher pleaded guilty to charges related to sexual relationships with two of her students.