Corbin Tyler Swiastyn, Manitee, Michigan (arrested Dec 2013)

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    Corbin Tyler Swiastyn, 29, substitute teacher for Manitee Area Public Schools, Manitee, Michigan, "charged with accosting a 14-year-old student for immoral purposes"

    Up North Live: Former substitute teacher arrested for 'inappropriate relationship' with student (Dec 12 2013)

    A former Manistee County substitute teacher was arrested after Manistee Police say he had an inappropriate relationship with a then-14-year-old female student ... Corbin Tyler Swiastyn, of Manistee, was charged with a felony of accosting for immoral purposes ... Police said the female victim was 14 at the time of the crime and came across Swiastyn as a student.

    Corbin Tyler Swiastyn, Manitee, Michigan, Manitee Area Public Schools
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    Ludington Daily News: Former Manistee substitute teacher arrested for inappropriate relationship with 14-year-old (Dec 12 2013)

    A former substitute teacher [Corbin Tyler Swiastyn] for Manistee Public Schools is now charged with accosting a 14-year-old student for immoral purposes ... Manistee police began investigating a complaint of an inappropriate relationship between an adult male, who was, at the time, a substitute teacher for Manistee Area Public Schools and a 14-year-old student, according to Dave Bachman, Manistee director of public safety. Police executed search warrants on Swiastyn’s email accounts and had his computer searched by the Michigan State Police crime lab before arresting him and charging him with accosting for immoral purposes — a four-year felony. The victim was 14 at the time of the crime and came into contact with Swiastyn as his student. The case came to light when a friend of the victim alerted the school principal and a search of the student’s school-issued computer produced evidence of the relationship.
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    Manistee News-Advocate: Former MAPS substitute arrested for inappropriate emails with student (Dec 12 2013)

    Following nearly seven months of investigation, a former Manistee Area Public Schools substitute teacher was arrested this week for inappropriate contact with a student. Since May 22, the City of Manistee Police Department has been investigating a complaint of an inappropriate relationship between Corbin Tyler Swiastyn, 29, of Manistee, and a 14-year-old student from ...
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    M-Live: Former Manistee substitute teacher accused of inappropriate relationship with student, 14 (Dec 13 2013)

    Manistee police began investigating [Corbin Tyler] Swiastyn in May after a friend of the alleged victim told the principal about a possible relationship between Swiastyn and the female student. School authorities searched the student's school-issued computer and found evidence of a relationship, police said. Detectives then sought search warrants to get Swiastyn's e-mail records and the Michigan State Police did a forensic analysis on his computer. Police say there was no sexual contact between Swiastyn and the student.