Broddrick Pender, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (arrested Nov 2012) [assault]

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    Broddrick Pender (1500 Charles Michael Court, Winston-Salem, North Carolina), 35, part-time reading teacher at Forest Park Elementary School, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, "found guilty this week of assault on a female and communicating threats"

    Winston Salem Journal: Forest Park part-time reading teacher convicted of assault (May 2 2013)

    Broddrick Pender ... was found guilty Monday for a Nov. 7 incident in which Pender is accused of assaulting his wife ... According to an arrest warrant, Pender ... is accused of repeatedly and forcibly poking his wife, Grashia Connelly, in the forehead, grabbing her hair with one head and hitting her in the head with the other; grabbing her by the throat; pulling her backwards by her shirt and ripping her pants off. He is also accused of holding mace in her face and threatening to use it. The arrest warrant alleges that Pender told Connelly that he would beat up her brother, father and cousin and that he snatched a cell phone she was going to use to call 911 ... Bedsworth gave Pender a prayer for judgment, which means no punishment was imposed. Bedsworth will review the case on Sept. 30.

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