Andrea "Andi" McCallie, Vonore, Tennessee(busted Oct 2014/June 2019)[shoplifting, failure to appear]

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    • Busted in 2014 for shoplifting & failure to appear.
    • Possibly is a slow learner, busted again in 2019 for shoplifting

    2014 mugshot

    2019 mugshot

    Andrea "Andi" McCallie, 6th-grade math & science teacher, Vonore Middle School, Monroe County School District, Vonore, Tennessee, charded with shoplifting in 2014 & 2019, also with failure to appear in 2014

    3 Monroe Co. teachers arrested in one month

    In a month, three Monroe County teachers have been arrested in three separate incidents. The latest is Vonore Middle School teacher Andi McCallie. Deputies arrested McCallie on Saturday and charged her with failure to appear in general sessions court in ...

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    Andrea "Andi" McCallie, Vonore, Tennessee, Andrea McCallie, Andi McCallie, Vonore Middle School, Monroe County School District, Kristin Leeann Cochran, Kelly Robinson, Emily Pennington
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    3rd Vonore teacher arrested in a month, suspended

    Another teacher in Vonore has been arrested. It's the third teacher in less than a month to be arrested. Monroe County Schools says Andi McCallie was arrested on Saturday for failure to appear in court in Loudon County. McCallie had been charged with shoplifting in Loudon County in June. McCallie is a 6th grade science and math teacher at Vonore Middle School. The system says she has been suspended without pay for three days. Monroe County Schools also says McCallie must meet conditions if she wishes to remain an employee in the school system.

    Last week, Monroe County Schools suspended Kelly Jenkins Robinson for three days without pay following a DUI arrest on October 17.

    In late September, officers arrested Vonore Elementary School 1st grade teacher Emily Pennington on possession of drug paraphernalia charges. Pennington is no longer listed as a teacher on the school's website.

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    Charge dismissed against teacher

    The first of four Vonore teachers to be arrested starting last September had her charge dismissed in Monroe County General Sessions Court this past week. Emily Pennington, 29, Wind Chase Drive, Madisonville, a first-grade teacher at Vonore Elementary, completed drug rehab and paid her court costs, leading Judge Dwaine Thomas to dismiss her charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. Pennington was pulled over on Sept. 25 on a suspicion of intoxicated driving, but was only charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after a hypodermic needle was found on her and she allegedly admitted using it to ingest Opana pills. She ...

    Of the other three teachers arrested, Kelly Robinson, 46, Oak Grove Road, Madisonville, pleaded guilty to her charge received the standard punishment for a first DUI offense, including a $365 fine and losing her license for a year. She was sentenced to serve seven days in jail. She took a breathalyzer test and blew a 0.229, well above the legal Tennessee limit of 0.08, police said.

    Andi McCallie, was cited for shoplifiting in Loudon County during the summer break. She was placed on three days administrative leave after Director of Schools Tim Blankenship was notified she failed to appear in court on the shoplifting charge. Her charges have since been dropped in Loudon County.

    And Kristin Leeann Cochran, 33, Sherman Street, Madisonville, who is listed as a special education teacher at Vonore Elementary School, was arrested in early January after a Madisonville Police Officer spotted her car parked in the emergency lane at the intersection of New Highway 68 and Old Englewood Road. She was charged with public intoxication and is still awaiting her day in court.

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    Vonore teacher charged with shoplifting, again

    A Vonore teacher who was charged with shoplifting in June of 2014 has been slapped with the same charge again five years later. Vonore Middle School teacher Andrea "Andi" McCallie has been suspended by Monroe County Director of Schools Tim Blankenship after the Madisonville Walmart alleged she took items from the store and left without paying for them. Unlike many shoplifting accusations at the store, the police were not called in and it was store security officer Brandy Walker who took out a criminal summons on McCallie. The summons says on May 20, Walker witnessed McCallie "select and conceal $77.39 ...

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