Resigned! Amy Linck, Suttons Bay, Michigan (resigned Apr 2014) [kissed student on trip to Dominican Republic]

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    Amy Linck, 31, Spanish teacher at Suttons Bay High School, Suttons Bay Public Schools, Suttons Bay, Michigan, "admits to kissing an 18-year-old student"

    As cougars go, this case is barely on the radar. I'd probably kiss her, too -- who wouldn't?

    Leelanau Co. Teacher Resigns After Kissing Student On Trip

    The Superintendent at Suttons Bay says a high school Spanish teacher was in the Dominican Republic with some students when she kissed a student.

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    Amy Linck, Suttons Bay High School, Suttons Bay Public Schools, Suttons Bay, Michigan
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    M-Live: Michigan high school teacher resigns after kissing student on spring break trip (Apr 15 2014)

    [Superintendent Michael] Murray explained that Linck’s resignation letter is in reaction to questions district officials were asking her about unprofessional conduct during the school’s break week, March 31 through April 4. During that time, Linck, 31, had taken four high school Spanish students – two girls and two boys who are believed to be seniors – to the Dominican Republic for a service trip.

    Following their return, Linck admitted to school district officials that she had kissed one of boys, 18, during the trip. School district officials learned that students had an alcoholic drink while in the Dominican Republic, where the legal drinking age is 18. “To us, it doesn’t matter. … As a teacher, we expect them to act like teachers and act like a professional,” he said. “She accepted responsibility for her behavior, and turned in her resignation.” It is not believed there was any other sexual conduct between Linck and the 18-year-old student – or any other students, Murray said.
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    Appears her hubby ratted her out ...

    Up North Live: Suttons Bay teacher resigns after kissing student while on service trip (Apr 15 2014)

    It happened over spring break when Linck took four students on a service trip to the Dominican Republic without school approval. In years past, Linck would take students to Spanish-speaking countries for community service and to give students a chance to speak Spanish. For budget reasons, the school could only sponsor the trip every other year, and this year's trip was not school sponsored. Superintendent Michael Murray said Linck's husband first reported the incident last week. Linck resigned from her position on Thursday.