8 named, Mzuzu City, Malawi (arrested Apr 2021) [election fraud]

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    8 named, Mzuzu City, Malawi, election fraud

    8 named:
    • Doris Tembo
    • Francis Mlowoka
    • Ellen Msowoya
    • Gerald Chima
    • Oscar Kamsato
    • Mercy Mayuni
    • Yotam Mtafya
    • Olleans Msonda
    "Tipp-Ex" is a reference to a popular brand of white-out used to alter ballots.

    Teachers in Mzuzu arrested in connection with ‘tippex’ elections

    Some teachers from Mzuzu City were arrested on Sunday on allegations that they marred the 2019 Presidential Elections. The teachers spent two nights in a police cell before their release on bail on Tuesday but they have all pleaded not guilty to any charge regarding the way they conducted the 2019 elections as presiding officers. Magistrate Peter Kandulu granted the teachers bail on condition that they pay K20,000.00 each and that they should have witnesses that will pay K50,000.00 each if they will go against bail conditions. Lawyer representing the teachers, Christon Ng'ambi, said it was surprising that government decided ...

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    Doris Tembo, Francis Mlowoka, Ellen Msowoya, Gerald Chima, Oscar Kamsato, Mercy Mayuni, Yotam Mtafya, Olleans Msonda, Mzuzu City, Malawi