Charges Dropped/Dismissed Lisa Dawn Harroff, Neches, Texas (arrested May 2013)

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    Charges dismissed with prejudice as of 16 April 2015 -- more here.

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    Lisa Dawn Harroff (Palestine, Texas), 49, math teacher & track coach at Neches Elementary - Junior High School, Neches ISD, Neches, Texas, "improper relationship with a student at the high school"

    Palestine Herald: Neches ISD track coach charged with improper relationship with student (May 31 2013)

    After issuing a warrant for her arrest, Lisa Dawn Harroff, 49, of Palestine submitted to Anderson County Sheriff’s Office authorities on Thursday, and bailed out on the same day, posting a $25,000 bond. “We got an outcry on Wednesday from the student’s guardians,” Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor said. “Apparently, there a been a sexual relationship going on between them for a while. “She was the track coach and he was on the track team,” Taylor said. “They had sexual encounters more than once.”

    Lisa Dawn Harroff, Neches, Texas, Palestine, Neches Elementary - Junior High School, Neches ISD
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    Tonya Craft was charged with twenty-two counts of child molestation. She proclaimed her innocence from the beginning ... Those words started a new life for Tonya Craft. She was free and found not guilty on twenty-two counts of child molestation. (WTVC)    
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    KLTV: Cross Country coach arrested for improper relationship with student athlete (June 3 2013)

    Harroff, is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a male student on the high school's cross country team. She was also a junior high math teacher for the district. Authorities believe the alleged activities happened over an extended period of time, mostly at Harroff's residence in Palestine, ending last week when the teenager reported it. "I'm not clear why he came forward to his guardians, but he was forthcoming with us in the investigation," Sheriff Greg Taylor said.
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    Tyler Paper: VIDEO: Neches ISD teacher arrested was victim's coach (June 4 2013)

    Anderson County Sheriff officials said Monday that a Neches ISD teacher arrested for having a relationship with a student was the boy's track coach. Sheriff Greg Taylor said the department was called on Wednesday by the 17-year-old's parents, who had suspected a relationship between their son and his track coach, 49-year-old Lisa Harroff. Investigators found enough evidence to get a search warrant of Ms. Harroff's Palestine home on Thursday, and a warrant for her arrest was issued later that day, Taylor said. Evidence of the relationship was found in her home, he said ... “She did coach track, and we believe that is how they got together, if not before, but for sure during that time,” Taylor said.
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    I've also received a copy of the court order dated 16 April dismissing the charges with prejudice., meaning that the charges cannot be refiled. This normally indicates prosecutorial misconduct or a case so weak/bad that the judge felt it never should have been brought in the first place.

    Our readers deserve to know the outcome of this case, so this thread remains for now. It will be removed from public view in a few weeks.

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