Charges Dropped/Dismissed Joshua Wayne Cameron, Little Rock, Arkansas (arrested Jan 2014)

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    Joshua Wayne Cameron (10676 West Sardis Road, Bauxite, Arkansas), 24 (born March 20 1989), teacher at eStem High Public Charter School, Little Rock, Arkansas, "charged with Felony Sexual Assault for alleged inappropriate contact with a student"

    KATV: Former eStem teacher arrested for sexual assault (Jan 4 2014)

    The report states that [Joshua Wayne] Cameron placed his hands inside a juvenile's pants at eStem High Public Charter School. School faculty reported the incident to the child abuse hot-line and Cameron was placed on administrative leave. Cameron reportedly refused to make a statement to police, but resigned his teaching position on September 4th.

    Joshua Wayne Cameron, Little Rock, Arkansas, Bauxite, eStem High School
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    Little Rock Police Department Incident Report (courtesy Arkansas Times):

    The information in this narrative came from the Arkansas State Police / Crimes Against Children Division. It was reported that Mr. Cameron tried to talk (redacted) into taking (redacted) panties off and showing (redacted) panties to him. (redacted) refused, and Mr. Cameron unbuttoned (redacted) pants, and Mr. Cameron placed his hand inside (redacted) panties saying he wanted to feel (redacted) one time. Mr. Cameron is a teacher and (redacted). When the school faculty found out about this alleged incident, it was reported immediately to the child-abuse hotline, and Mr. Cameron was placed on administrative leave. Mr. Cameron gave a written statement to the school administration, but Mr. Cameron declined to make a statement to the Little Rock Police Department. Mr. Cameron resigned from the e-Stem school on September 4, 2013.

    Copy of Cameron Joshua Wayne Police Indident Report1.png Copy of Cameron Joshua Wayne Police Indident Report2.png Copy of Cameron Joshua Wayne Police Indident Report3.png
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    Statement from e-Stem Chief Executive Officer John Bacon (courtesy Arkansas Times):

    By now, you may be aware of the arrest yesterday of a former eStem teacher, Mr. Joshua Cameron. As the safety and security of our students is of paramount importance to us, I want to make sure our parents know the steps we take to be both proactive and reactive in situations like this.

    Before any employee is hired at eStem, we conduct a background check as well as reference checks. If there are any "red flags", an employment offer will not be granted. In this specific case, there was no indication of any issue in the federal or state background checks that were conducted.

    In spite of our best efforts, we know we can not ensure that everything will always run smoothly. For this reason, we have procedures in place to address incidents that arise. As reported in the newspaper today, Mr. Cameron was accused of inappropriate conduct by a female student on August 28th. That incident was first reported to a school counselor who subsequently informed the school director and me of the allegation. The teacher was immediately brought in for an interview and was placed on leave pending an investigation. Due to the serious nature of the allegation, a report was made by the school to the DHS Hotline which opened an investigation through the Little Rock Police Department. The school cooperated fully with the LRPD investigation while conducting an internal investigation of the allegation, as well. An additional report was made to the Professional Licensure Standards Board at the Arkansas Department of Education.

    Mr. Cameron did not return to the classroom, and on September 4th, Mr. Cameron's employment with eStem was terminated via resignation from his position with the school. As always, the safety of your children remains foremost in our minds. We will continue to review our processes and procedures to ensure that, to the best of our abilities, your children are taught by staff who possess the academic knowledge, instructional expertise, and professional judgement we all expect.


    John Bacon
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    Fox 16: Former Little Rock Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault (Jan 4 2014)

    Police have confirmed a former teacher [Joshua Cameron] at a local school has been charged with Felony Sexual Assault for alleged inappropriate contact with a student. The charge lists an incident that allegedly happened at the eStem High Public Charter School in late August.
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    Arksansas Matters: Former Charter School Teacher Accused of Assault (Jan 4 2014)

    Little Rock Police have confirmed a former teacher at a local school has been charged with Felony Sexual Assault for alleged inappropriate contact with a student. 24-year-old Joshua Cameron was arrested yesterday by Little Rock police. The charge lists an incident that allegedly happened at the eStem High Public Charter School in late August.

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    Has there been any status update or progress on this case?
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    Nothing. Not in the sex offender registry, nothing on revoking his teacher's certificate and not in the news. As he refused to give a statement to police and it didn't mention any other evidence, the DA may have declined to prosecute, but it has only been two years, it may pop up again...
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    Chages dropped today! After taking away 3 years of his life and his career and putting his family in financial disaster. He was arrested, had his face all over the news and has been unable to get a decent job. We need cameras in EVERY classroom to protect not only our children but our teachers. 4 out of 5 accused teachers are innocent and as witnessed here the wheels of justice move very slow.
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    Any media coverage of the charges being dropped?

    I'd suggest you go to the media that originally reported it (just Google "Joshua Wayne Cameron, Little Rock, Arkansas") and demand that they do a follow-up story.

    It's not the case that 4 of 5 accused teachers are innocent. The opposite is much closer to reality.

    We have a special (not visible to the public) subforum where threads about not-guilty/charges-dropped/etc. cases are stored. Only 134 teachers have made it into that subforum, whereas there are 472 threads flagged as guilty, plus a number of others that count as guilty:
    • Deferred adjudication
    • Pre-trial diversion
    • Other threads that pre-date the implementation of the prefix buttons in the forum software (still a few of those that need the Guilty! sticker)
    And there are also those who resigned or assumed room temperature in lieu of being prosecutted.

    The reality is that 4 out of 5 are guilty.

    That still leaves a large number of prosecutorial screwups, and I really hate it when the media just drops the ball & doesn't follow up. Cops & prosecutors get a lot of publicity & brownie points for bringing student sex abuse charges and often bring those charges hastily, then go into hiding when the cases collapse.
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    The family may not have wanted the minor child victim to testify against him at hearing or be subjected to cross examination by the defendants attorney. If the prosecution did not have a victim witness, the case would be impossible to win. Reading the motion for discovery his shyster, Jeff Rosenzweig (who always looks like he's coming off a 3 day bender) is very revealing. Apparently he was under surveillance and had items seized. The minor child victim had also apparently undergone counseling and Rosenzweig filed another motion to get records/documents from the counselor (What parent would want to have their distressed child placed in such circumstances). Yet another Rosenzweig motion made reference to a colleague of Cameron's that gave a statement to authorities that he saw photos of intimate body parts on Cameron's cell phone. The Arkansas Crime Information Center ("ACIC") sexual offender website only lists certain categories of offenders. The Arkansas Department of Human Services Child Maltreatment Registry is not open to public disclosure. Websites like this are vital to the public interest and the safety and well being of our children. Link to case records:
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    Thank you for the link to the docket and the conclusion of the case: "ORDER TO NOLLE PROSEQUI-CAMERON"

    A "nolle prosequi" (to be unwilling to prosecute) usually means the prosecution's case was too weak to pursue.

    This site will be undergoing a major overhaul starting in about a week & a half. This thread will probably not reappear after the overhaul.

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