Benedict Garrett, Hackney, London (suspended Jul 2010)

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    garrett benedict 5.jpg garrett benedict 4.jpg garrett benedict 3.jpg garrett benedict 2.jpg garrett benedict.jpg garrett benedict 6.jpg

    Name: Benedict Garrett aka Johnny Anglais

    Age: 30

    School: Beal High School, Ilford, England

    Position: Teacher (A-Level politics), Head of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

    Web Site:

    UK Independent (8 July 2010): Male stripper quits teaching job

    London Evening Standard (8 July 2010): Pupils discover teacher's double life as a stripper


    MSN (9 July 2010): Stripper teacher leaves school

    UK Sun (12 July 2010): I’m a teacher and a porn star. So what?

    According the the Sun (above), when Benedict Garret became a teacher, he gave up porn ... but took up stripping.

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    UK Guardian (13 July 2010): REDBRIDGE: Porn star teacher's sadness at leaving job

    Jewish Chronicle (15 July 2010): Porn star passionate about Jews: Porn star is learning Hebrew, loves Israel and has dog called Simcha

    UK Metro (30 Aug 2011): 'Secret stripper' teacher Benedict Garrett faces classroom ban

    News Today (31 Aug 2011): BRITAIN – Benedict Garrett

    UK Telegraph (31 Aug 2011): Teacher defends double life as a porn film star

    This Is Local London (31 Aug 2011): SOUTH WOODFORD: Former teacher defends double life as porn star

    UK Guardian (31 Aug 2011): Schoolteacher who worked as stripper uncovered by students: Sex education teacher Benedict Garrett, who stripped under the alias Johnny Anglais, and befriended students on Facebook, told he may continue teaching

    My Fox DC (31 Aug 2011): British Porn Actor Allowed To Continue Work as a High School Teacher

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    garrett benedict 7.jpg garrett benedict 10.jpg

    BBC (1 Sept 2011): Stripper teacher Benedict Garrett defends porn work

    UK Daily Mail (1 Sept 2011): Teacher who worked as stripper called 'Johnny Anglais' and ran porn website is facing ban from classroom

    Ilford Recorder (1 Sept 2011): Stripper teacher ‘rescued Redbridge boy from Pakistan madrassa’

    UK Metro (1 Sept 2011): Porn star teacher Benedict Garrett told he can keep his job

    UK Mirror (1 Sept 2011): Sex education teacher who worked as a stripper not banned from the classroom

    UK Daily Mail (1 Sept 2011): What DOES it take to get a teacher fired? Part-time stripper and porn star is told he can return to the classroom

    garrett benedict 9.jpg

    Daily Star (1 Sept 2011): SEX VID SIR BACK TO CLASS

    UK Daily Mail (2 Sept 2011): I'm doing what's natural, says the teacher who moonlights as stripper 'Johnny Anglais'

    UK Daily Mail (4 Sept 2011): Porn star teacher who moonlights as 'Johnny Anglais' planning to return to the classroom

    UK People (4 Sept 2011): Porn star teacher admits: I may go back to the classroom

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